In the design of this painting we link the lemons as if they are on a vine, and then we draw some round plate or saucers shapes underneath them. Abstracting it somewhat.

I have chosen a background which includes blues and mauve, purple. (Made with blue and pink). Blues recede due to their cool temperature, and the lemons come forward due to their warm colour. Making a good drawing in this exercise, is important.

We always prepare our colours before starting the painting. We then pre-wet each lemon and paint them one at a time. We concentrate on keeping an area of light, it’s important in watercolour to have some areas very light transparent paint, or white.

What you will learn.

    • Barbara shows you how to built up the tones, and build up the shapes.
    • Have all the colours ready, prepare some washes. Then we strengthen the pigment.
    • Here we paint each lemon and just before it dries, we sprinkle salt to create the lemon peel texture. – We complete all the lemons, then paint the leaves. Barbara guides you through each step.
    • Then we draw the plates, and paint a background variegated wash in cool colours.
    • Now let the fun begin, Barbara teaches you how to do “negative” painting in the background. Very importantly let the first wash dry thoroughly before starting the second layer


Reference Images.