Here we are using a flat square brush almost entirely. 

As far as the drawing goes, we only indicate the flower shapes and placements.  Very little drawing is done in this painting.

We learn how to work in an intuitive manner, using the brush to do the work.  

We make interesting, expressive shapes, and work with soft and broken edges. We concentrate on out of focus, soft and broken edges as we paint. 

Barbara guides you through square brush techniques in the painting.

Barbara has chosen mauves, pinks and blues, and purples for the flowers. Greens browns and some neutrals are used in the background.

What an incredibly versatile medium watercolour is!   

Barbara is teaching you the many many ways we can use this versatile medium.

What you will learn.

    • Barbara shows you how to built up the tones, and build up the shapes.
    • We work foreground, background, foreground background, building up all parts of the painting.
    • We “find an edge, loose an edge”.
    • “Now you see me, now you don’t”
    • Now let the fun begin.