WOW, This lesson does my heart so much good……here you get a bonus bonus of Karlyn Holmanin this lesson,,, Woohoo!

A fabulous outdoor on location lesson. This one brings such good memories of my dear friend Karlyn Holman. She brought her group to colourful Kinsale, Ireland. Karlyn I have so much to thank you for, we miss you generous lady!

I hope I can encourage you like Karlyn encouraged me. Listen for her encouraging comments, and some laughs.

Karlyn explains the importance of eye level in perspective! Love the group encouragement here too.

Watch how Barbara handles painting enplein air.

In this lesson Barbara gives so many useful tips on what makes a painting a more pleasing composition. We work with overlapping and interlocking shapes. We work freely and loosely, and we create a lively painting.

Barbara encourages us to allow the brush, and make it Dance! We also need to use our artistic license to create a better painting.

Barbara shows you some really useful techniques including how to use watercolour in the challenging outdoor, warm environment, where the paint dries quickly.
Here we are using a round size 6 brush almost exclusively.

The importance of tonal depth, light, medium and dark.

We make the most of the white of the paper, achieving sparkling whites that dance through the painting.

Again using some wet into wet. How to incorporate some soft flowing edges.
What an incredibly versatile medium watercolour is!

Barbara is teaching you the many many ways we can use this versatile medium.

What you will learn.

    • Barbara shows you how to built up the tones, and build up the shapes.
    • Barbara shows you how to use perspective lines.

    •  We sometimes use the tap tap technique.

    • We “find an edge, loose an edge”.

    • “Now you see me, now you don’t” Now let the fun begin.