What you will learn.

  • Have all the colours ready, prepare the washes in the palette. 

  • Prewet the front of the appear really well with a large soft brush. 

  • Here we paint skies and water. Starting the painting with large washes, and then adding the details of the focal point. 

  • We let the water do the work, we want to have spontaneous flow, not a heavily laboured painting. This is a great lesson of how to be much more free form. 

  • We become aware of the importance of being able to create soft, atmospheric scenes when we want to. 

  • We paint from light to dark in greys, remember to also paint warm colours first and then go towards cool colours. 

  • Remember that the water on the paper also dilutes the wash a small amount, therefore compensate by using slightly stronger colour to allow for this dilution by the prewet paper. 

  • Keep the misting bottle ready in case the paper dries too quickly. 

  • This style is “alla prima”  

  • I really hope you Have fun! 

Reference Images.