What you will learn.

  • Barbara shows you how to built up the layers, and build up the shapes. 
  • Have all the colours ready, prepare some washes. Then we strengthen the pigment. 
  • Prewet the front of the appear really well from the horizon to the top of the page, turn the paper over and wet the back, turn over and rewet the front using a large with a large soft brush, Barbara uses a large Hake brush. 
  • Here we paint the Aureolin first, making the general foliage . Starting the painting with a large brush, and then adding more details with a smaller brush as we use the paint stronger pigment less water, and as the paper is drying slightly. 
  • We let the water do the work, we want to have spontaneous flow, not a heavily laboured painting. This is a great lesson of how to be far more free. 
  • We become aware of the importance of being able to create soft, atmospheric scenes when we want to, and define detail where we feel it’s is necessary. Usually there is more definition and stronger contrast near the focal point 
  • Remember that the water on the paper also dilutes the wash a small amount, therefore compensate by using slightly stronger colour. 
  • Keep the misting bottle ready in case the paper dries too quickly. This style is “alla prima” 
  • While you create, Have fun!